300 ZCL miners giveaway

25th May 2018

UPDATE: ZCL Giveaway has started! The 687th ZCL Block found by the pool will be the first one to receive a bonus!

Our long, and I mean long, awaited 300ZCL giveaway will start sometime in the next 24-48 hours...
All you have to do is mine ZCL with us and you will reap the rewards. Thanks to @movrcx who kindly donated the zClassic!

How it will work

Each miner will be paid a bonus ontop of their regular mining payout.
Starting at 300ZCL each block found will payout 5% of that amount proportionally to every single miner who helped find the block. All following blocks will pay 5% of the remaining ZCL until there is no ZCL remaining
With 300 ZCL to giveaway at 5% each block found, that means for just under the next 200 blocks found at Minez you will receive a bounus amount!
To add to the suspense, all we will tell you, is that this will go live in the next 24-48 hours ;) The biggest rewards will be had when we start.

Happy Thanksgiving

23rd Nov 2017

Hello my mining friends,

Hope you are all enjoyed Scary Terry's favourite day of the year in October; The MineZ.Zone team may not be in North America but we still wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, We are thankful for all of you who choose to mine with us where ever you reside on Earth C-137;

Another special thanks to all of you who have already joined us on discord, it's been great for us to chat to you all; If you haven't already, Come show us what you got on our Official Discord Channel!

In other news we wanted to give a shout out and mention to @bhteam from Crypto-Coinz for recently adding us to their recommended mining pools list! If you are looking to find network stats, general crypto guides be sure to check them out! Also if you need to get an estimate on your mining returns be sure to check out their Mining Calculator Tool. You can also access the Calculator Tool from our menu at the top of the page.

As some of you may have seen on discord, our Hush pool was down for a short period for a node upgrade a week or so ago with minimal impacts, we have also performed recent security and maintenance upgrades to our other coin pools We always aim to ensure whenever we are performing upgrades that our servers are restored ASAP with minimal impacts to you, our miners.

You may have also seen a post in our announcements from Brad regarding the recent release of Bitcoin Gold;. As mentioned we are still potentially looking to add it to the pool, and will monitor be monitoring the BTG situation. We will provide an update on this in coming news.

AS A WARNING. There are quite a few sites popping up which are asking for peoples private keys in order to claim their bitcoin gold! DO NOT TRUST ANY ONE with your private keys.

Further news; with the recent surge in miners we are looking into potentially adding Bitcoin Cash mining to the pool! Keep your eyes peeled on this space for updates on these new coins to be added.

As always feel free to reach out or get in touch with us :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

MineZ.Zone Team

Join Us on Discord

23rd Oct 2017

Hey everyone;

Just a quick update to let you all know that following a few requests, we have set up a MineZ.Zone Discord Server - https://discord.gg/b8ehJuu
If you like us and what we do, are ever looking to chat or need a hand, Feel Free to Join!

You may have also noticed we have recently added alerts to the site. Moving forward we will use these to communicate Updates, News and Important Events
We will continue to communicate with you all and be contactable via Slack's, Bitcoin Talk, Our Support Email & new Discord Server :)

I look forward to talking with you on discord, Stay Swifty;

- Joshargh


20th Oct 2017

Hello fellow MineZ.Zone-ians;

I firstly wanted to give a huge welcome and shout out too all of our new miners who have recently joined the pool; Your presence has not been unnoticed ☺

Welcome to MineZ.Zone

So what's in the News:
As some of our miners may have noticed (especially some new ones) we have recently added BitcoinZ & Hush to the pool! ♥
Thanks to all of those who contacted us about these coins, we are happy to have them join the pool!
do you have a coin you'd like to see on MineZ.Zone or a suggestion for the pool?¿? Feel free to get in touch with us!

Our YouTube Debut;
Some of you reading this may be active in the ZENCash Slack community;
When not getting spammed with phishing attempts from everyone’s good friend @Slackbot you may have recently come across some videos posted by an insightful user in the community @VoskCoin

@VoskCoin is a is YouTube Uploader/Channel dedicated to cryptocurrency mining and trading operation. Vosk does some awesome reviews on GPU Mining Rig review's / ASIC Mining Rig review's
as well as provides his own insight on Cryptocurrency news / Bitcoin news / Ethereum news and much more!

In a recent edition of his videos MineZ.Zone has been lucky enough to feature in a mine off; Suprnova vs Luckpool vs MineZ.Zone
See how well we shaped up against the big dog! below;

@VoskCoin We wanted to give you a shout out and thank you for choosing to mine with us and for your fantastic in depth review of the site! (Check it out below)

What happened to the 300ZCL Giveaway?¿?;
We have not forgotten our promise to deliver our bonus rounds to our ZClassic miners! A huge thank you to those who have continued to mine ZCL, Your loyalty will be rewarded in the near future!

That's all we have install for this update, and as always keep them moon mining rigs keep burning! ☺♥♥♥♥

- Joshargh

300 ZClassic Coin Giveaway!

25th Aug 2017

Calling all ZClassic Fans, Builders of Rigs, Whales of Altcoins and General Miners of crypto MineZ.Zone would like to proudly announce our;

"300 ZClassic Coin Giveaway!!!"

"Holy Crap Balls!!!" Your eyeholes aren't lying; We are at it again!*
With the recent renewed ZCL hype to encourage all too spread the hash/sol's we will be giving away 300 ZCL to our pool miners!!!
we would like to once again give a huge thank you and shout out to the one and only @movrcx for donating these coins for us to distribute to the masses, and his support of ZClassic
In the next 5-7 day's we'll be announcing the commencement of a Single Extended Bonus Round of Mining for ZCL Miners on our Pool;
There will be a special incentive for any large hashing block hunting miners who may participate in this round
Hardcore Mining Enthusiasts and GPU Farm Operators we want you and your hash **
We are excited to make this announcement and let you all know what will be going down for this round so get them rigs warmed up and running and keep your eye's peeled on our news page right here, or our Bitcoin Talk thread and the ZCLassic and ZEN Slack Communities for details on the commencement and conditions of this round

55 ZEN Round 3 Complete

7th August 2017

we have just completed our Final Round 3 Bonus Payments! On behalf of the https://minez.zone team I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our Bonus Rounds! Keep them miners crunching!

Payouts can been seen in the following tx

55 ZEN Round 3 Announcement!

23rd July 2017

Fellow Denizens of ZEN, The Final Round (3) of the 55 Zen Giveaway will be commencing at 2017-07-25 06:00:00 GMT

  • This will be Round 3, The Final Round of the 55 ZEN Giveaway
  • The Round will run as previously until the pot is empty (25 ZEN)
  • As with the past Rounds, the team takes these payments seriously and will not be running the bonus payouts until we are 100% confident all calculations and amounts are correct
  • You will have until July 25, 2017 06:00:00 GMT to join and be mining on the pool to be eligible for these Bonus Payouts *

(*You must be mining on MineZ.Zone prior to the round commencing to be eligible for payouts)

55 ZEN Round 2 Complete

18th Jun 2017

Our second round of the bonus giveaway has ended. Were you with us for the beginning of the round?
If you were, you should see a bonus payout to your address in the following tx.

Thank you for joining us for the second bonus round!.
Keep those rigs running. Round 3 will be announced soon.

55 ZEN Giveaway Round 2

14th Jun 2017

Start your ... Miners, Round 2 of our ZEN Giveaway is starting at 2017-06-15 01:30:00 GMT

  • The round will run until the pot (15 ZEN) is empty.
  • Bonus payouts are processed and checked manually. This means you will receive them some time after the last block in the round confirms and has been paid out.
    • We take this very seriously and will not be running the bonus payout until we are 100% sure all calculations and amounts are correct.
  • You have until June 15, 2017 1:30:00 AM GMT to join the ZEN pool to be eligible for the bonus payouts.

55 ZEN Round 1 Complete

13th Jun 2017

Our first round of the bonus giveaway has ended. Were you with us for the beginning of the round?
If you were, you should see a bonus payout to your address in the following tx.

Thank you for joining us for the first bonus round!.
Keep those rigs running. Round 2 will be announced soon.

ZCash and ZClassic Added to MineZ

9th Jun 2017

We have (re)added Zcash and Zclassic to MineZ.zone!
Watch this space for a little promo coming to these pools in order to help get some hash rate.

55 ZEN Giveaway Round 1

9th Jun 2017

After a sizable delay, thanks to a widespread DDoS attack that targetted multiple pools. We are ready to annouce that round one of the give away will begin at Friday, June 9, 2017 6:30:00 AM GMT (1496989800)

  • The round will run until the pot (15 ZEN) is empty.
  • Bonus payouts are processed and checked manually. This means you will receive them some time after the last block in the round confirms and has been paid out.
    • We take this very seriously and will not be running the bonus payout until we are 100% sure all calculations and amounts are correct.
  • You have until June 9, 2017 6:30:00 AM GMT to join the ZEN pool to be eligible for the bonus payouts.


6th Jun 2017

Due to the current concentration of mining power in a single pool exceeding 51% of the network hash rate, MineZ.Zone is offering an incentive to get miners to move to a smaller pool and spread the hashrate around for the safety of the network. @movrcx and @smrtz have kindly donated 50 55 ZEN to this effort to help reduce centralization of mining on the chain.

You read right, we will be giving away 50 55 ZEN in bonuses to our miners. Some time in the next 24 hours we'll be announcing the beginning of the first of 3 bonus rounds. The way it will work is this:

  • Each bonus round will have a bonus pool. Round 1: 15 ZEN, round 2: 15 ZEN, round 3: 20 ZEN.
  • To qualify for the bonus you MUST HAVE BEEN MINING WITH US BEFORE WE ANNOUNCE THE BEGINNING of the round.
  • This means you've got between now and when we announce to start mining and qualify for your bonuses.

For the 1st round:
Miners will get a 20% bonus to their payouts for every block found in the bonus round.

The round will continue for as many blocks as it takes to use up the bonus pool. The very last block in the bonus round will be adjusted proportionally to the amount left over in the bonus pool. i.e. if a miner would have gotten 10% of the total bonuses for the block they'll get 10% of what's left in the bonus pool for the last block.

At the end of each round the qualified miners list WILL BE RESET. There'll be a break of 12-48 hours before the next round is announced and anyone who mines with us during that period will qualify for the next bonus round and be eligible for the bonus again.

We may change the bonus percentages for the 2nd and 3rd rounds. This will change the length of the round but by mining through the entire round you will gain the same bonus.

The simplest way to ensure you get the maximum bonus is to start mining with us now and stick with MineZ.Zone through the entire bonus period.

** Bonus payments will be calculated and paid at the end of the bonus round.

Because the bonus payments will require new code to be written to calculate them correctly we'll be generating the payment scripts then reviewing them manually before running them. So bonus payments will come a bit later than the actual payouts for the blocks. We're doing this so we can be certain everyone is paid fairly and correctly.

Stay tuned to the MineZ.Zone news page. We'll announce the start of the bonus rounds here but the official announcement will be when it's announced on our site.

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