Temporary ZEN wallets are no longer available.

This was only intended to be a temporary service to help miners who couldn't get their own wallets in the first days of ZEN. We encourage anyone still using our addresses to make a claim using the form below and STOP using the temporary address.

We will continue to process claims regularly for at least one month. After that if anyone still needs to claim they will need to contact us to initiate a payment round after registering their claim.

Using one of our wallets?
You can claim your balance here


  1. Make sure the address you are sending to is valid and one you can access. Once the balance leaves us, there is nothing we can do.
  2. If you have lost or forgotten your password, there is also nothing we can do
  3. This setup was only ever meant to be temporary. You should try and do this transfer process only once
    • This means, you should have already stopped mining with this address and let all blocks found with the address confirm.
    • Treat the address as compromised after running this process. And don't use it again
    • If additional balance does make it into the address after you have run this process, you are welcome to do it again, we will not however be responsible for any unpaid balances after the first withdraw
  4. This page will automatically generate payments scripts however to be extra safe with your funds we will be reviewing those payment scripts manually before running them on our secure offline wallet node. As a result payments are not processed immediately. We will be processing payment several times/day until all funds are sent.

Previous claim payouts